Adult Education

Exchanges and mobility in adult education

Would you like to watch a course leader at work in Helsinki? Or would you prefer to attend a conference in Paris or a continuing education and training course in Florence? It’s well worth a trip.

Exchanges and mobility contribute to personal, professional and organisational development. This page provides an overview of the funding options available for adult education institutions and their staff. It is aimed at teaching practitioners, trainers, heads and advisers from adult education institutions.

Brigitte Aschwanden, Managing Director of the Reading and Writing Association, explains the challenges she experienced during the implementation of the project. Dorice Berset and Noémie Grandjean, ambassadors for the project, talk about their experiences.

«We were able to establish valuable contacts through the project as well as acquire new knowledge and skills, which we are using to achieve even higher quality in the advisory services and range of training courses we offer.»

Deniz Kleinschmidt, Netzwerk Kadertraining, Bern