In search of happiness with a partner class

In an exchange project with a partner school in Radom, Poland, one class of the cantonal school in Wohlen focused on a special topic: Happiness. Together, the students created a happiness guidebook.

Their exchange project was based on the World Happiness Report: In it, Switzerland ranked third in 2021, while Poland was in 44th place. But are the Swiss actually happier than the Poles? Is happiness the same in Switzerland as in Poland? What indicators can happiness be measured by in the first place? Two classes from the cantonal school in Wohlen (AG) and the Maria Konopnicka Lyceum in Radom, Poland, addressed these questions. Each class visited the other for a week and worked together on a happiness guidebook to make this rather abstract phenomenon more tangible. Their project film presents a multifaceted insight into the intensive cooperation and provides a glimpse of the many moments of happiness that were experienced during this exchange project!