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ABC der Internationalisierung

Wie gelingen internationale Kooperationen und Projekte in der eigenen Bildungsinstitution?

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Strategic Partnerships in the field of Higher Education – What, How and Why?

International cooperation projects in education are essential in the face of global challenges. Spotlight on an ambitious and promising project in the social field at the Scuola universitaria...

National Teacher Exchange: programme participants share their experiences

The first mobility placements of the National Teacher Exchange pilot programme have been successfully carried out. In the video, two UTE teacher training students tell us about their work placement...

The spotlight on an international cooperation project between Switzerland and Madagascar

In 2018, Movetia launched a pilot project for international cooperation between Swiss and foreign institutions. Discover the project “Lausanne-Madagascar exchange in environment and development”.

Ein Erfahrungsbericht mit Illustrationen

Illustrierte Arbeitsinhalte und Erlebnisse im Auslandsaufenthalt zusammengefasst in einem Lernjournal: Das Centre de formation professionnelle Art (CFP Arts) in Genf ermöglicht EFZ GrafikerIn...

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“She just gets the language across to us in a different way”

The opportunity to be a language assistant in Switzerland is exactly what she wanted, says the young Swiss Canadian Leslie Schmid. She teaches at the cantonal school in Zug with youthful vigour and...