Swiss Conference of VET School Directors (CSD) sounds out European institutions in Brussels at a seminar organised by Swisscore, the Swiss Contact Office for Research, Innovation and Education to the European Union.

By offering its support with the organisation of this study visit, Movetia is enabling the CSD committee to discover the workings of European policy on and the latest advances in vocational education and training. The conference committee examined the European cooperation and mobility programmes and worked with Movetia on the possibilities of carrying out concrete actions to support the objectives of the national strategy on exchange and mobility.

Moreover, the schools’ representatives were also received at the Swiss Mission to the EU and by the Employment and Education offices of the European Commission. An outline of the initiatives for cooperation, in particular the development of “Centres of Vocational Excellence” and the latest trends in digitalization enabled them to consider the involvement of Swiss vocational education and training schools in a joint internationalization strategy. At the end of the seminar, the members attending and the representatives of Movetia were able to exchange views and ideas with the Director General of the Office of Vocational and Continuing Education and Training of the Swiss Republic and Canton of Geneva on the importance of embedding European mobility projects in dual education and training courses, systems that are still not widespread enough in Switzerland but that have great potential. This seminar open to Europe provides a fresh perspective and areas of cooperation to support the appeal of Swiss vocational education and training and the development of schools in a globalised environment.