Given the lack of clarity as to when it might be possible to travel again and resume in-person tuition at institutions in Switzerland and throughout Europe, the European University Foundation and Movetia are launching a new website to facilitate the flow of information throughout Europe and enable mobility stays in the autumn semester.

What impact will the hygiene measures against the COVID-19 pandemic have on the coming autumn semester? How will higher education institutions in Switzerland and Europe organise the autumn semester? Will face-to-face teaching become the norm again or will it again be necessary to hold courses online? To ensure the flow of information for institutions and students about the coming autumn semester throughout the European Higher Education Area, the European University Foundation – with Movetia’s support – has set up a new platform. The website is open to the public and provides up-to-date information on the admission or non-admission of exchange students, the availability of online courses and a link to further information:

Information about the institutions is added via the EWP Dashboard (section “my university”). This automatically updates the website, where students and higher education staff can search for your institution and view the Erasmus+/SEMP mobility status for the autumn semester. All Swiss higher education institutions are invited to register on the EWP Dashboard.

Blended Mobility

The Erasmus+ programme and its Swiss counterpart, the Swiss-European Mobility Programme, will also be made more flexible in the coming semester. “Blended mobility”, which combines virtual formats and in-person tuition, will be eligible. This means that the semester abroad can be started online and completed in person at a later date, if the situation permits.

Movetia is aware that the promotion and realisation of stays abroad is a major challenge in these difficult and unprecedented times with scarce or vague information and all the uncertainties that prevail. We really hope that this tool as well as the flexibility of the programme will support all institutions and students in arranging a successful exchange semester.