The EU could be planning to restrict funding for adult learning to vocational qualifications and basic skills, the European Association for Adult Education (EAEA) fears.

The EAEA is concerned for the future status of adult learning and education (ALE) in the EU. The current agenda, which is based on a comprehensive understanding of adult learning and its need for support, is due to end this year. The future European strategy may limit itself to funding certain areas of adult learning and education, e.g. basic and vocational skills only.

For the EAEA, this is too narrow a view of continuing education. Citing the long tradition of adult education in Europe in all its different forms, the EAEA proposes a new and strong European Agenda for Adult Learning.

This would recognise adult education as a separate sector of the education system and cover all aspects of it. The EAEA also calls for the drafting of an ambitious plan to focus especially on the further development of community and non-formal learning for adults.