The graphic design agency Hahn+Zimmermann has won silver for Movetia statistics. Our congratulations on the award!

The presentation was held on 8th June in Warsaw. As well as the award show, there was also a conference, workshops, exhibitions and guided tours around the subject of creativity and design. More than 2000 creative minds from all over Europe took part in the festivities.

Movetia was there in the figurative sense: our three-part reporting for 2017 was nominated for the award and won silver. Our congratulations and good wishes to Barbara Hahn and Christine Zimmermann on this outstanding distinction.

Hahn+Zimmermann specialize in creative design concepts and infographics. Besides independent projects, they often collaborate on research projects too.

Thanks to professional advice and by working closely together with Hahn+Zimmermann, we were able to develop our annual reporting and the statistical publication that goes with it, for the year 2018.

You can look through the winner document on the right.