2. Juni 2022 von 10.00-17.30 Uhr

How do vocational schools in Europe promote entrepreneurial thinking and action among their learners? At the Entrepreneurship Summit you will get to know different approaches, network with peers and develop ideas for international cooperation in the field of entrepreneurship education.

Target group

  • Representatives of the school management (VET schools)
  • VET teachers and trainers
  • Representatives of a local, regional and national authorities (staff of a Swiss canton, of a national education ministry…)
  • Representatives of professional associations and VET networks
  • People who promote international cooperation in the field of vocational education and training, ...

... from Switzerland, Europe and beyond.

What can you expect?

  • Various key note speeches from education and business
  • Swiss and international practice examples and projects
  • Various breakout sessions: discussions with experts in the field
  • Insight into the competition programme of the "Youth Start Award”
  • Networking, exchange of experiences, new contacts and insights

When: 2 June 2022, 10 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.
Where: Hotel Olten, Olten, Switzerland
Conference Language: German, French and English

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Movetia!

Registration for the Youth Start Award

The Entrepreneurship Summit on 2 June is a pre-event of the Youth Start European Entrepreneurship Award (YSA), which will take place on 3 and 4 June in Olten. Competition teams register here.

Are you not participating in the YSA with a competition team or as a jury member, but would you like to be inspired as a guest by what students from Europe have developed during their entrepreneurship courses? Then register for the joint evening programme after the Entrepreneurship Summit (via the registration form above).  


A) Finanzierungsmöglichkeiten für internationale Zusammenarbeit
Yvonne Jänchen, Programmkoordinatorin Berufsbildungm, Movetia
Meeting room: Room 8
Language: German or French depending on the participants
"Entrepreneurial Learning" ist ein Thema der Stunde in ganz Europa. Um Expertinnen und Experten zusammenzubringen und Synergien zu nutzen, macht es darum Sinn, über die Landesgrenzen hinaus zusammenzuarbeiten. Movetia - die Schweizer Agentur für Austausch und Mobilität - fördert diese europäische und weltweite Zusammenarbeit. Erfahren Sie, wie Movetia Sie mit ihren Förderprogrammen unterstützen kann und tauschen Sie sich mit Kolleginnen und Kollegen zur internationalen Zusammenarbeit aus.

B) The Swiss entrepreneurship program «myidea»: Strengthening future competences of vocational school students
Aline Baumann, expert for general education training, Vocational Training Centre Olten and Susan Müller, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland, Sven Ripsas, HWR Berlin / NFTE Germany
Meeting room: Room 1
Language: German or English, depending on the participants
Participants gain insights into the goals, structure, contents and learning materials of the program “myidea”. Also, we share business ideas developed by program participants.

C) Youth Start European Network and the Entrepreneurship Award
Valentin Mayerhofer, Managing Director, IFTE
Meeting room:​​​​​​​ Room 4
Language: English
By looking beyond borders, we want to show which approaches to entrepreneurship education exist in Europe. With the Youth Start Network and the Youth Start European Entrepreneurship Award we present an international initiative that strengthens a European culture that celebrates common successes instead of focusing on mistakes.

D) Initiatives for entrepreneurship: Techpreneurs, YoungPreneur, Unternehmerhaus libs
Gebert Rüf Stiftung, various speakers
Meeting room:​​​​​​​ Room 2
Language: English

  • TechpreneursLars Diener-Kimmich, LUDENSFABER
    We are bringing together 2 worlds in this project that normally rarely meet but share a common and currently untapped innovation potential: vocational education and training and the university-based start-up sector. We are testing 2 modules in rapid prototyping mode at now 4 schools. In the meantime, more than 300 VET students are guided by professional startup coaches in the first module and then present their own elevator pitch after working together in teams on a startup idea and learning design thinking in concrete exercises. Subsequently, in the second module, the teams are challenged by challenges. With a lot of freedom and supported by the start-up coaches, they solve real entrepreneurial problems from partner companies.
  • Unternehmer Campus – YoungPreneur, Fabienne Hürlimann, Gewerbeverband Basel-Stadt  
    The YoungPreneur promotion programme aims to teach learners important cross-vocational skills that are required in the labour market but are not sufficiently trained or not trained at all during vocational training due to fixed structures. 
    They are encouraged to think and act in a self-determined, sustainable, creative and responsible manner through a broad didactically supported approach.

  • Unternehmerhaus libs, Christian Villiger, libs
    libs trainees are encouraged for entrepreneurial thinking and action. By learning these skills, they are inspired to keep looking for new, more efficient and innovative solutions and to validate ideas in a customer-centric and profit-oriented way, as well as to build new products in an agile way. New learners benefit from additional training in the area of entrepreneurial methods and processes as an intrapreneur and from the support in developing their own business ideas as an entrepreneur.


Conference languages: German, French and English


Welcome coffee


Olivier Tschopp, Director Movetia | French (slides in German)
Georg Berger, Director of the Vocational Training Centre Olten, coordinator of the initiative "Entrepreneurial thinking and action at vocational schools in Switzerland" (UDH) | German (slides in French)


«Entrepreneurship – eine Zukunftskompetenz: Nationale und internationale Perspektiven»

Swiss vocational education for the world | English
Samuel Notz, CEO & VR, Global Swiss Learning

Pourquoi l'échange, la mobilité et la coopération ? | French
José Oberson Mau, Head of Division, Vocational education and training, Youth work and Adult education, Movetia

Entrepreneurial Learning as a development process for individuals and organizations | English
Experiences based on Youth Start program research, curriculum development in UNIDO projects, the e.e.si entrepreneurship school approach and the UNESCO-UNEVOC approach "Entrepreneurial learning for TVET institutions".
Johannes Linder, Professor, University College for Teacher Education of Christian Churches Vienna/Krems and Founder, Initiative for Teaching Entrepreneurship, Austria

Science Entrepreneurship | German
Marco Vencato, deputy Director, Gebert Rüf Stiftung

UDH und Zukunftskompetenzen | German
Manfred Pfiffner, Professor, Zurich University of Teacher Education, Switzerland


Panel discussion “Promoting entrepreneurship – what for and how?” | English
with Johannes LindnerManfred PfiffnerMarco VencatoSamuel NotzKatharina Kiss and José Oberson Mau


Lunch, matching event & exhibition business Ideas
13.00-13.45: matching event (Movetia)


Breakout-Sessions | German, Frenach and English
14.00-14.40: Round 1
14.50-15.30: Round 2

A) Funding opportunities for international exchange and cooperation (Movetia) | Room 8 | German or French (depending on the participants)
B) The Swiss entrepreneurship program «myidea»: Strengthening future competences of vocational school students | Room 1 | German or English (depending on the participants)
C) Youth Start European Network and the Entrepreneurship Award | Room 4 | English
D) Initiatives for entrepreneurship: Techpreneurs, YoungPreneur, Unternehmerhaus libs (Gebert Rüf Stiftung) | Room 2| English
15.30 Coffee break


Presentations from the "Youth Start Award" in Vienna | English


Entrepreneurial Learning: Gradia’s Entrepreneurship Learning Model | English
Rea Tuominen, International Affairs Specialist, GRADIA Jyväskylä Educational Consortium, Finland


Call to action | German, French and English
UDH and Movetia


The joys and sorrows of being an entrepreneur | English
David Pröschel, founder, DDP-Innovation. DDP-Innovation is currently developing the "Alpentesla", an all-terrain multi-purpose vehicle. In October, he and his team are heading toward South America: they want to beat the current altitude world record for vehicles by reaching the summit of Ojos del Salado at 6893 meters. Completely solar powered. David will give insights on his exciting entrepreneurial journey.


Conclusion | German, French and English 
Olivier Tschopp, Director Movetia 
Georg Berger, Director of the Vocational Training Centre Olten, coordinator of the initiative "Entrepreneurial thinking and action at vocational schools in Switzerland" (UDH) | German




Dinner of the Youth Start Award


Rolf Schmid, managing director, Wirtschaftsförderung Region Olten (regional economic development agency)


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