31 March 2021

It is possible to obtain a bilingual qualification at many secondary schools. The implementation of bilingual teaching takes a different form according to the school. Together, Movetia and the ZEM CES (the Swiss Centre for Secondary Level Education) are organising a symposium offering an overview of bilingual educational programmes and highlighting the added benefit that comes from exchange and mobility. The symposium will focus on the dialogue between the stakeholders to exchange experience and information on good practice.

Finishing upper secondary level with the predicate “bilingual” is in fashion: in 2019, some 154 of 166 Swiss grammar schools were able to offer a bilingual qualification; some specialised secondary schools also offer this option.

But how is bilingual teaching conducted? How differently are the criteria defined by the Swiss Matura Commission (SMC) for bilingual school-leaving qualifications implemented in schools? What opportunities do exchange projects offer for these courses? The symposium is taking place on 31 March 2021. It will provide input from experts and open up the dialogue between players at upper secondary level. 

The symposium is aimed at headteachers and grammar school teachers as well as at teachers at specialised secondary schools with bilingual programmes, and at other interested parties in the secondary school sector.

Further information on the content of the symposium and registration will be communicated in the coming weeks.

When: 31 March 2021
Where: Biel/Bienne Convention Centre or online