Would you, as a member of an educational institution, be interested in exchanging ideas or tackling a challenge in your everyday work with colleagues from abroad? Or network your school, your training company, your university or your youth club internationally? Movetia will continue to support Swiss institutions in international cooperation projects on behalf of the federal government in 2022.

Cooperations are a great opportunity for educational institutions to exchange ideas with other institutions and to gain valuable insights as well as to develop learning opportunities together and to network internationally. Cooperations thereby make a significant contribution to ensuring and further developing the quality of education in Switzerland. There are currently two calls for proposals in which Swiss institutions can apply for funding:

  • Participation in an Erasmus+ cooperation project in Europe (Key Action 2)
  • International Programme 2022: Cooperation projects worldwide

The Swiss Erasmus+ Programme supports Swiss participation in Erasmus+ projects

Currently, Swiss institutions cannot submit their own projects under Erasmus+ because Switzerland is not associated with the European education programme. However, Movetia may fund institutions participating as associated partners in Erasmus+ cooperation projects (cooperation partnerships, innovation alliances, centres of professional excellence) under the Swiss Erasmus+ programme. These involve projects with at least three other institutions from three different Erasmus+ countries. The conditions of the respective Erasmus+ funding instrument apply. Swiss institutions can apply for financial support from Movetia, provided that the project offers added value for Switzerland.

The European call has been launched 24 November 2021.

The 2022 International Programme promotes cooperation projects worldwide

Movetia offers financial support for educational projects by Swiss institutions with institutions worldwide. The project must involve at least one Swiss institution and at least one foreign institution, and must offer added value for the Swiss education system or the Swiss educational institution, e.g., developing and testing a new learning module for the Swiss institution.

You can apply for grants of CHF 15,000, CHF 30,000, CHF 60,000 or CHF 100,000 for projects lasting up to two years. Approved projects may be launched between 1/7/2022 and 31/10/2022.

The deadline for applications is 31/3/2022.

What are the biggest changes compared to the 2018-2020 International Pilot Programme?

  • More programme funds (approx. CHF 3 million in 2022 vs. CHF 0.8 million in 2020)
  • Worldwide cooperation possible (incl. Erasmus+ countries)
  • Broader programme objectives to which projects can contribute. However, only institutional cooperation will continue to be funded (international cooperation).
  • Four fixed funding amounts to choose from, but still max. CHF 100,000

Support and advice

We are at your disposal for individual consultations. You can contact us via E-Mail or book an appointment for a consultation during our consultation week in February 2022 (details will follow soon on our website). Basic information on the International Programme and the Swiss Erasmus+ Programme can be found on our website.

We support preparatory visits prior to application submission with lump sums of CHF 800/person (in Europe) and CHF 1200/person (outside Europe). Applications for contributions must be submitted to us at least 1 month prior to the visit. For information, see here.

“International Cooperations” in a nutshell

Listen to our podcast to find out what we mean by cooperation and to learn about former and current projects.

Are you interested in international mobility projects?

In addition to calls for international cooperation, calls for international mobility (for all educational sectors) are also ongoing. Our news article provides an overview on this topic.

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