For one week, it was “Next stop Europe”: Leslie Hansen, Project Coordinator Higher education, travelled to Brussels, to SwissCore, the Swiss Information and Liaison Office of Switzerland, for a period of job shadowing and continuing education and training.

SwissCore is the Swiss Liaison Office for Research, Education and Innovation in Brussels. The contact office represents the interests of Swiss stakeholders in these three fields locally, and ensures the flow of information between and among the European institutions and other education, research and innovation organisations and Swiss stakeholders. In the field of education, Movetia fosters a close and valuable exchange with the office in Brussels. “Julia Grünenfelder is European Advisor for Education at SwissCore and she introduced me to her work in the context of job shadowing over the period of a week. Taking part in internal meetings and external appointments enabled me to gain interesting insights and establish new contacts”, says Leslie Hansen. She further mentions that a great deal was gained in particular from the introduction to the work of the Swiss Mission to the European Union, the discussion with the alliance of the European Consortium of Innovative Universities, and the brown bag lunch at the Swiss Mission to the EU, where Elina Viilup (Desk Officer for EEA JPC, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland) and Jörgen Siil (Political Advisor to the S&D Group) reported first hand on the work being done in the European Parliament.

In the same week, several continuing education and training courses took place for newcomers to the IGLO network. IGLO is the amalgamation of R&D liaison offices based in Brussels. IGLO pursues the objective of promoting participation in European education and research programmes. Cooperation among the members is strengthened by means of interaction with the EU and other stakeholders in Brussels and the exchange of information and reciprocal advice and consultation. SwissCore is an active member of the IGLO network and made two contributions to the introductory week.

Leslie Hansen would like to thank Julia Grünenfelder and Simon Marti as well as the whole SwissCore team for their time and the fascinating insights. Here’s to another “Next stop Europe”!