Exchange and mobility contribute to personal, professional and organisational development. Trainers, managers and counsellors from adult education institutions can take advantage of the funding programmes.

Under the Swiss Programme for Erasmus+, adult education is defined as non-formal, non-vocational training that is aimed at adults. Vocational training courses, further training courses that lead to a federally-recognised qualification and training for teachers in the field of formal education fall under the categories vocational education and training, school education and higher education.                     

Funding programmes in adult education aim to strengthen entire  educational institutions and ultimately the Swiss education system by opening up new horizons, providing access to training courses abroad and promoting inspiration, exchange and expertise of individual employees.

Adult education teachers from all over Europe can benefit from the exchange of experience, work together to develop new educational tools, and learn about new teaching and training methods. The opportunity to undergo further training and the fresh impetus this generates inspire staff and improve their motivation and work quality in the long term.

What types of projects are supported in the field of adult education?


  • Mobility projects allow teachers, as well as managers and counsellors from adult education institutions in Switzerland to participate in structured training (courses, conferences), job shadowing  and teaching activities in other European countries. Adult education staff from abroad can also be invited to take part in a learning mobility in Switzerland.


  • Cooperation partnerships allow (educational) institutions from at least four European countries to explore a relevant topic in depth over a longer period and through several meetings, and if applicable to develop joint solution approaches and tools. The aim is to promote quality and innovation in adult education in Europe.  

Preparatory visits

Staff from schools or other organisations working in school education receive support to visit future partner organisations before submitting a project, establish contacts for joint projects and prepare projects with partners. More information is available here

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