Project planning

Preparation visits

In order to exchange and share ideas and to plan a project with the partner organisation(s) on site, a request for funding for preparatory visits can be submitted before submitting the project application.

The flat-rate allowances include travel costs (CHF 400.-) and costs of the stay (CHF 400.-).

How can partner schools or staff training courses be found?

The following document contains practical information regarding online platforms or events through which partner institutions can be found.

Doc: Partner search (DE)

Project submission

What do I have to do to submit a mobility project?

  1. Make sure that your institution and project fulfil the programme criteria. To do this, see: Award criteria mobility in school education (DE)
  2. Complete the application form and submit it within the stipulated period.

What deadlines have to be considered?

Notification of funding decision: May of the application year
Project start: 1st June of the application year

Project assessment

How are the projects assessed?

All projects submitted within the stipulated period are examined by Movetia with regard to formal and qualitative criteria (DE).

The quality of the projects is assessed on the basis of a points system. If the fundable projects exceed the available budget, those with the highest number of points are funded.