Worldwide stays abroad: VET establishments can prepare their learners, VET graduates, VET professionals or teaching staff at an international level. Those taking part in the mobility familiarise themselves with the work and training culture of other countries, and develop a path towards successful partnership beyond cultural differences. Besides language skills and project-related knowledge, they can also extend their learning about the other country. This creates lasting relationships between the learners from Switzerland and the foreign employers, which opens the door for further cooperation.

Who is the programme targeting?

  • Learners can complete their vocational traineeship or defined project work at a host company or host school
  • Recent apprentices / VET graduates can start a work-related traineeship within a year after competing their apprenticeship
  • VET professionals and teaching staff can complete an exchange via further training, networking, project development or job shadowing

Who can submit a project?

Companies, associations, vocational colleges, vocational secondary schools and technical colleges, cantonal authorities, municipalities or other vocational organisations (public or private). Establishments can submit an application individually or as a consortium. Individuals are not entitled to apply.

What deadlines should be noted?

  • The applications for funding can be submitted using the application form. Registration closes on 15 May 2018.
  • The project starts on 1 September 2018. The project duration can be defined by the applicant and lasts between 12 and 24 months.

What support does Movetia offer?

  • Financial funding: Movetia assumes a maximum of 60% of the project costs. The cost ceiling for one-year projects is CHF 50,000, and for two-year projects it is CHF 80,000. The project must not already be funded by Erasmus+ grants. An existing agreement between the establishments taking part (schools / companies / other) is a precondition for securing funding.
  • Consultation: Moreover, Movetia is pleased to support establishments with regard to questions, from the inception of the project up to its completion.