Pupils take part in an exchange with those of the same age from other cultural and language areas outside Europe: thanks to international partnerships, Swiss schools can organise an exchange for their pupils, and thereby gather experiences from throughout the world for the classroom. The participating pupils from both countries develop a project together and also meet in person, along with their teachers.

International school partnerships for globally networked schools

With international school partnerships, young people can gain their first experiences of intercultural cooperation. This is becoming increasingly important for their educational career and working life. The programme for funding international school partnerships supports projects that strive to develop long-term relationships between Swiss and foreign schools. Schools that are well networked internationally are open to new educational approaches and create a dynamic working environment.

Which projects are funded?

Partner schools work together during a school year on a project they specify jointly (time-limited teamwork with topics, procedures and objectives defined in advance). This goes beyond the usual teaching. The pupils communicate via Internet platforms or social networks and meet in person. Individual long-term stays at the partner school can also be funded as part of such a partnership.

The partner schools must be in countries that are not already associated with an EU, educational, VET or youth programme. 

Who can submit a project?

All Swiss schools at primary, secondary level I and II (grammar schools and general schools) are entitled to participate.

Grant requests can be submitted by head teachers as well as teachers.

Which deadlines should be observed?

From 2019, a new, two-stage application procedure applies. Applicants submit a project outline by 31 January 2019. They will then be told whether or not they qualify by early March. If they do, they can submit the full application by 31 May 2019.

  • The submission deadline for the project outline is 31 January 2019.
  • The deadline for the second submission in the case of a positive qualification decision is 31 May 2019.
  • The project is due to start on 1 September 2019

What support does Movetia offer?

  • Financial funding: Movetia assumes a maximum of 60% of the project costs. The project applied for must not already be funded by Erasmus+ grants.
  • Consultation: Movetia advises teachers on questions regarding the project application. If you wish to submit a project, you will find recommendations and information on the registration procedure at Submitting an application for funding for an international school partnership.