Language Assistantship in another European country

A period spent abroad as a language assistant is an ideal way of improving knowledge of a foreign language and gaining experience as a teacher. Language assistants teach their mother tongue, immerse themselves in the culture of the host country and improve their knowledge of a foreign language. A stay abroad lasts between six and nine months.

Who can take part?

Movetia arranges placements for Swiss students, graduates or teachers with no professional experience. Teachers with initial professional experience of up to a maximum of three years are also admitted.

Applicants must be native speakers of French, German or Italian and must have completed at least four semesters at a university, a university of applied arts and sciences or a teacher training college.

Furthermore, a good general education, clear way of speaking in the mother tongue, initial knowledge in the field of education and independent work with split classes or groups are also required. The participants should, in addition, be between 21 and 30 years of age. In justified cases (second VET or PET), candidates up to 35 years of age may also be considered.

Applicants who are native German speakers can apply for a position at a school in the UK or France. Likewise, language assistant positions for French native speakers are offered in the UK, Germany and Austria. Native speakers of Italian can apply for a place in Austria or France for the first time in the school year of 2019/20 . Language assistant positions in Spain and Ireland are currently being considered. Details for these two countries will be announced by mid-December 2018.

What to do?

Interested persons apply by means of the application file. The applications are assessed on the strength of the submitted documents. If necessary, Movetia invites the candidate to an interview. These interviews are, as a rule, held between February and April.

Processing fee

The processing fee of CHF 150.- is charged by Movetia on definite admission into the programme.


The language assistants are paid a monthly salary, which varies depending on the host country.