Language Assistantships at Swiss Schools

When they take on a foreign language assistant, host schools gain additional support not only for foreign language lessons but also for teaching subjects using a foreign language as the medium of instruction (immersion or bilingual instruction). But not only that: projects and topic weeks become more authentic. In addition, the teaching assistant also makes a contribution to an international learning environment in Swiss host schools.

The advantages for the teachers of the host schools are manifold. The teaching assistant takes part in the lesson and makes teaching in split classes and groups easier. In this way, different levels of learning can be supported and balanced in a targeted way.

The assistant brings authentic materials with him/her and, with current topics from his/her country of origin, builds bridges with the world in which the pupils live. This motivates the pupils to make active use of the language and breaks down any inhibitions they have about speaking it; both have a positive effect on the results of final examinations and international exams.

Which schools can take part?

The offer is aimed at Swiss upper secondary-level schools (secondary schools, specialist vocational schools and Federal Vocational Baccalaureate schools). On enquiry, assistantships at schools of other levels can also be arranged.

Continuing education and training in languages for young Swiss teachers

Movetia also finds places for young teachers from Switzerland at host schools in the UK, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and Spain. The teachers must have no more than three years' professional experience.

Movetia is currently considering the possibility of setting up a new partnership with Ireland.

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