Which projects receive financial contributions?

Swiss and Indian schools apply by means of a form and cover letter. They demonstrate what they can bring to a partnership, how they would like to make use of a partnership and are able to integrate one into everyday school life.

In the process, the following funding criteria should be taken into consideration:

  • Explanation of reasons and motivation for their participation and the expectations of the teachers and pupils
  • What skills and experiences should the pupils learn/develop from the programme? General objectives of participation
  • Expectations with regard to the programme of visits
  • Integration of the project into the teaching curriculum
  • Integration of the project into the school (to what extent are work colleagues and school headship included)
  • What activities are planned to disseminate the project work (by means of events, talks, reports, newspaper articles, photo exhibition, etc.) and at which target groups are they aimed (whole school, parents, municipal authorities, canton)?
  • Planned composition of the group of pupils (knowledge of languages, age, main subjects studied, etc.)
  • Reference to the school’s own resources that it is willing and able to put in.
  • The participating teachers’ experience of exchange

Moreover, the following priorities have been set: 

  1. New school
  2. Existing partnership outside of the “Swiss-Indian Classroom” programme
  3. School partnerships already funded but with new class composition. In the case of repeated applications, we require a long-term exchange plan (e-exchange, regularity of the reciprocal visit trips, use of the school’s own resources, etc.). The same school is funded every 2 years at the most.


First step: manifest your interest by email: school.exchange@movetia.ch. Please ensure that you can count on the support of the school principal. 

Submit an application

After you send the email, Movetia will contact you if enough Swiss schools applied for the programme. You might be asked to complete the application form. If so, don’t forget to add your cover letter to your file.

Receive funding

Once the project is completed, a final report, including final accounts, is to be sent to Movetia. Please find the template here. The final report and accounts must be submitted to Movetia no later than two months after the end of the project.
Furthermore, the participating pupils must complete an online evaluation after the exchange. This evaluation can be found here.

Funding and grants

The funding of class exchange projects is based on flat-rate contributions (allowances) for fixed categories of grants:

Travel cost allowance for the pupils and for two Swiss and two Indian teachers each (accompanying persons) CHF 800 per person, up to 20 pupils
Initial contact trip for teachers (1 Swiss, 1 Indian) CHF 1500 per teacher

The focus of the trip to visit the partner class is project work, not sight-seeing.