What to do

You will find the key steps for submitting your grant application here. The institution has to:
  1. Develop and plan a project, including its staff
  2. Complete the application form and the additionally required documents
  3. Sign them
  4. Send them by e-mail to adult.education@movetia.ch before expiration of the deadline
Private companies should submit the following additional annexes:
  • Profit and loss account and balance sheet (annual financial statement) 2016
  • Commercial Register extract or association statutes
Shall you wish to submit a project as the coordinator of a consortium please do mention this in the first section of the application form where you are asked to present your organisation. Do also mention your role as the coordinator of a consortium in the e-mail you’ll send with the application form. In addition to the filled-in application form please provide us with a table of all addresses and details of the contact points of all institutions participating in the consortium.


You will find the important dates to ensure the smooth progress of your grant application here:
  • 5 March 2018, midnight: Deadline for the submission of an application
  • April 2018: Examination of the applications
  • Mid-May 2018: Notification of the decision and, if the project is approved, signing of the contract

Seminars & information days

You will find the dates of the next meetings regarding submission of your grant application here.