How to find partner (schools)

Document: Partner search (DE)

Which countries can be considered as partners?

  • The 28 EU member states
  • The EFTA / EEA states Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway
  • Turkey and the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia

How to take part in a cooperation project?

Swiss institutions have two possible ways of taking part in a strategic partnership.

Participation in a cooperation project

Official participation within the framework of the EU Programme Erasmus+
Swiss institutions can take part as official partners in a strategic partnership under Erasmus+. In this case, all partner institutions (incl. Swiss partners) are supported through the European fund and no application has to be submitted in Switzerland. On the other hand, this way of proceeding requires a good explanation, in the European application, of the added value of a Swiss participation, which demonstrates that, as an alternative, no partner from a programme country could make the same contribution.

Important: Swiss schools are not allowed to participate as official partner in school partnerships.

Associated participation within the framework of the Swiss Solution for  Erasmus+
Swiss institutions can take part as associated partners in a strategic partnership under Erasmus+. In this case, the Swiss institution is funded through the relevant agency in Switzerland. For this, the following basic conditions have to be fulfilled:

  • In addition to the Swiss institution, at least three partner institutions from three different Programme countries must take part in the project (only at least 2 european partner schools are required for school partnerships)
  • The project coordination must be undertaken by a foreign partner institution. This submits the ’official’ (European) application for funding of the strategic partnership to the relevant national agency in their country
  • The institution based in Switzerland submits its own application in Switzerland. In this application, the Swiss participation, the added value for the Swiss institution and the contribution to achieving the education policy objectives of federal government and cantons must be described
  • Swiss participation in a cooperation project under Erasmus+ can be funded only on condition that the project is funded by a European national agency

Applying as an associated partner within the framework of the Swiss solution for Erasmus+

  1. Make sure that your institution and project fulfil the evaluation criteria. See, on this: Evaluation criteria (DE)
  2. Complete the application form
  3. Submit the application, signed by the legal representative and including the necessary annexes, by e-mail and within the stipulated period to

What deadlines have to be considered?

Submission deadline European application: 21st March 2018

Submission deadline Swiss application: 28th March 2018

Notification of European funding decision: between July and September of the application year

Notification of Swiss funding decision: approx. 30-60 days following delivery of the European funding decision

Project start: between 1st September and 31st December of the application year

How are the projects assessed?

Following receipt of the Grant Award Notification from the relevant European national agency (written funding decision), all projects submitted within the stipulated period are examined by Movetia with regard to formal and qualitative criteria (Evaluation criteria (DE)).

The projects are evaluated on the basis of a points system.

If the fundable projects exceed the available budget, Movetia reserves the right to make budget cuts and the selection according to the number of points achieved.