There are a few points to bear in mind for Swiss schools when applying to take part in School Exchange Partnerships. On this page you’ll find information on the process, deadlines and all the relevant documents.

How does the application process work for associate partners?

  1. Get involved in preparing the European project application and make sure that it mentions your involvement.
  2. Make sure the coordinating school provides you with the Erasmus+ application in good time. You’ll need this for the application to Movetia.
  3. Request a written invitation to participate from the coordinating school.
  4. Complete the Swiss application form and request the budget for your participation based on that of the partners.
  5. Submit the signed application on time together with all the additional attachments by email ( The Movetia application deadlines are a week later than the Erasmus+ application deadline. 

What annexes must be submitted with the application form?

  • European project proposal
  • Funding decision of the responsible National Agency (Grant Award Notification)
  • Confirmation from the project coordinator that the Swiss partner can take part in the project.
  • Legal entity form
  • Financial form
Only for private entities
  • Extract from the Commercial Register or association by-laws
  • Profit and loss account
  • Closing balance sheet

Which criteria does Movetia use to assess applications?

Movetia only assesses the Swiss institution’s contribution to a strategic partnership. It evaluates what impact the project will have in Switzerland. A mandatory criterion under the Swiss Programme for Erasmus+ is that the project must make a contribution to the education policy goals of the federal government and cantons (for youth work, the federal government‘s youth policy goals apply).

award criteria (in german)

What happens after the application deadline?

The coordinating institution will usually receive a grant decision from the national agency responsible for Erasmus+ in its country around four months after the application deadline. The Swiss applicant should always inform Movetia of this decision. If the decision is positive, Movetia reviews the application from the Swiss institution in line with the criteria mentioned above. After 30–60 days the Swiss institution will receive a grant decision from Movetia.