Strategic Partnerships promote cooperation between VET institutions, professional organisations and companies at European level in order to facilitate the exchange of good practice and the cooperation for innovation.

Types of strategic partnerships

  1. Exchange of good practices
    Objectives: Transferring methods and processes and strengthening cross-border networks
  2. Cooperation for innovation
    Objectives: Creating innovative results and products and disseminating them to appropriate user groups 

  3. Please see the Erasmus+ Programme Guide for additional information and details on funding criteria. 


There are two ways for Swiss institutions to participate in Strategic Partnerships:

  • as an official partner within the framework of the Erasmus+ EU programme
  • as what is known as an associated partner within the framework of the Swiss Programme for Erasmus+

Please read the Info sheet on strategic partnerships in VET (DE) for more details on the two participation options


The funding of Strategic Partnership in usually based on lump sums for stipulated subsidy categories. The amount of subsidy depends on the duration of the project, the planned activities and the type of project. 

In the case of participation as an associated Swiss partner within the framework of the Swiss Programme for Erasmus+, the Swiss subsidy is granted by Movetia. Please see the following document for details of funding amounts:
Grants 2018

Applying to become an associated partner within the framework of the Swiss Programm for Erasmus+

  1. Please check whether your project contributes to the achievement of the education policy objectives of the Confederation and cantons. 
    Education policy objectives (DE: Bildungspolitische Ziele)
    Please also note the exclusion criteria.
  2. Please complete the application.
  3. Please submit your application together with the necessary attachments by e-mail in a timely manner. 

Sector Skills Alliances (centralised projects)

The call for project proposals for Sector Skills Alliances is managed by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).

Please contact us for more information on conditions of participation and how to apply.