Each organisation is considered only once per call and per european mobility project in vocational education and training. Within the framework of a European mobility project, participation can be facilitated simultaneously for VET learners and recent VET graduates as well as VET professionals and teaching staff.The subsidised mobility projects make it possible to send abroad people ordinarily resident in Switzerland. In the same project, an equal number of people from the foreign partner institutions can be received in Switzerland.

Support by Movetia

Creating opportunities: financing
The financial support is determined by flat-rate allowances for organisational, travel and subsistence costs (costs of stay). Please see the Table of Grants for a detailed overview of the Table of grants. All Erasmus+ programme countries can be found on the map.

Quality through clarity: advice and quality assurance
Before the application is made as well as during implementation of the project, the VET Team is there to answer any questions. In addition, Movetia is in charge of evaluating the project proposals and the reporting and for paying out the allocated subsidies.

Linguistic preparation
The company traineeship (work placement) for VET learners and recent VET graduates can be combined with linguistic preparation.
*The teaching staff is excluded from this support.

The following rule is definitive in this:

  • A mobility period of up to 2 months entitles the participant to linguistic preparation lasting a maximum of 2 weeks. Movetia will only cover the accommodation costs.
  • A mobility period of more than 2 months entitles the participant to  linguistic preparation lasting a maximum of 1 month. Movetia will only cover the accommodation costs.

Preparatory visits for project organisation
In order to exchange and share ideas, information and experiences with the partner institution(s) on site, a request for funding for preparatory visits can be submitted before submitting the application as well as during the course of the project period.

Submit an application

The call for projects takes place once a year. The application puts the project idea in concrete terms.

  1. Movetia requires the following documents to have been read before the project is submitted, as they contain important information on the project award: 
    Erasmus + Programme Guide
    Award criteria (DE)
  2. Complete the Application Form via (DE).
  3. Please submit the completed application form with the required annex, within the stipulated period via (DE).


Key deadlines for the mobility project

  • Spring 2021: Deadline Application submission
  • March - May 2021: Examination of the submitted applications
  • May 2021: In the case of a positive decision, Kick-off event and signing of the grant agreement
  • 01.06.2021: Start of the project (project period of applicant’s choice: 12 or 24 months), awarding of the grants