Which projects are funded?

The following eligibility criteria should be taken into account:

Formal criteria

  • Written agreement between the two schools (example)
  • At least two partner establishments (1 Swiss and 1 foreign) to a maximum of 4
  • At least one joint meeting with groups of pupils is planned. Option: individual pupil exchanges of 2 to 12 months from age 14 years as part of the project.
  • Total duration of the project: 1 to 2 years

Criteria relating to the content

Innovative project topic that is linked to the objectives of education in Switzerland:

  • Digitalisation (integration of information technology into the school environment)
  • Languages (multilingualism, identity and culture)
  • STEM (to address the shortage of skilled workers)
  • Sustainable development (education and environmental policy)
  • Migration and globalisation
  • Arts
  • Cross-disciplinary competences (personal, social and methodological)
  • Etc.

Description and planning

  •  Joint partnerships with the objective of long-term cooperation
  • Collaborative project work: pupils participate actively in the implementation and execution of the project
  • The topic and objectives of the project  and the execution of the project as well as the activities are formulated in a clear and specific way
  • Individual exchanges: the participants are prepared and supervised by their school and the partner school


  • The impact of the project on its participants, as well as the planning and documentation of the results of the project – and therefore their analysis – are formulated in a clear and specific way.

An exchange meeting schould be an educational event above all. Any project that sets out too many of tourist trips will not be funded. The meeting programme must clearly present how the activities are linked with the selected topic. This must be explained exhaustively in the application form. 


Find a partner
To begin with, we advise finding potential partners in your network. Perhaps a colleague has already organised an exchange before, or an acquaintance could put you in touch with a teacher in another country. The «List of websites and platforms dedicated to school exchanges», which can be downloaded, also includes partner search sites.

It is also possible to search for a partner establishment via these platforms and institutions:

Submitting a funding request
Once you have found your partners and organised the partnerships project, you can submit a request for funding for your project by completing our form. A single application per project is sufficient. Your exchange partner does not have to send a funding request. 

From 2019, a new, two-stage application procedure applies. In the first phase, applicants submit a project outline. They will then be told whether or not they qualify for the second phase. If they do, they can submit a full application.

Receiving the funding
If your project is selected, the funding is calculated on the basis of the information given when you submit your application. 80% of the funding is paid upon start of the project in August, and the remaining 20% is paid once the final report on the exchange has been received and checked by Movetia.

What aspects of the project are funded?

Amount of funding
There must be written agreement between the partner establishments to claim the funding. Movetia provides a framework school partnership agreement in English.

A maximum of 60% of the project costs may be covered by the funding. The following personal contributions may be included in the budget: staff costs, infrastructure, accommodation costs with host families, additional travel costs, preparation for meetings, etc.). Movetia covers a maximum of CHF 50,000 per year.