Youth Voice went to Richterswil!

In Richterswil, Switzerland, 22 young people connected and talked about media related topics through discussions, group works, intercultural moments and love for these types of projects.

Participants were from 5 different countries: Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, North Macedonia and Switzerland. Every morning begins with an energizer, something to start the day and break the ice, then followed by a reflection about topics covered the past day. Most sessions were a mix of listening and learning from the trainers as well as active participation. Important topics included: (mobile) journalism, fake news, podcasts... 

"The program gave me a chance to practice my own journalistic skills by conducting interviews,writing articles and producing multimedia content that reflected my own interests and passions.Through this hands-on experience,I developed a greater sense of confidence in my ability to communicate effectively and engage with others through various media platforms.Overall,my experience has left me with a lasting appreciation for the importance of media literacy and critical thinking in today's complex information landscape.By staying informed,questioning assumptions,and seeking out diverse perspectives,we can all play a role in promoting a more informed and engaged society." - Merima Vucelj, Serbia

The sessions had a really great atmosphere, as active participants contributed in a way that everyone would feel comfortable. All of participants agreed on making rules which would make the exchange more professional and that's how "Funny box" came to life. For example, if anyone was late to a session, this person would have to do a challenge, which is written on the paper in the funny box. Those challenges include singing, push-ups, proposals, etc.

"Last week from April 10 to 16, 2023, I attended the "Youth going Swiss: we can!" project, as a participant from Bosnia and Herzegovina in a small place Richterswill close to Zürich in beautiful Switzerland. In addition to participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, there were also participants from neighboring countries such as Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia and of course Switzerland. For me, this was a very interesting project which of course contributed to my personal and professional development, certain skills and most of all allowed me to meet my new friends. I also had the opportunity to improve teamwork, public speaking and creativity through a series of workshops, which I'm glad about because these are skills we should always work on. In addition to the workshops and creative challenges, we also had free time, so we were able to visit some places in Switzerland and get to know the country where we were staying a little better. On the other hand, I have to praise the organizers who worked hard and provided us with what we needed and in the end they awarded us the best certificate I have ever received and I am delighted with it.” - Esma Džamastagić, Bosnia and Herzegovina

During the day we would visit the town of richterswil. In the evening, there was time to play board games or “mafia” and that way they got to know each other better. This project showed the potential of people from Western Balkans and switzerland if working together. It showed that they can manage well in new surroundings.

"I am very happy that I participated in this project. We had the opportunity to work with very professional trainers and organisers. Their expertise in the fields of media and journalism allowed us to gain new skills regarding media and journalism, and this experience is definitely going to be useful for us in the future. This project not only provided us with valuable skills and knowledge, but it also served as a reminder of the tremendous impact that can be achieved when people from different cultures and backgrounds come together. The bonds that were formed during this project will undoubtedly last a lifetime and I am looking forward to seeing the positive impact of this project." - Kristijan Salamovski, North Macedonia

This Article was created by participants of Youth Voice: Going Swiss! project implemented by i-dijaspora in cooperation with Our children from Bosnia and Herzegovina, CAZAS from Montenegro,  Youth workers Alliance from Serbia and Organization of Women of municipality of Sveti Nikole from North Macedonia with supprort from movetia - Agency for mobility and exchange.