The national teacher exchange allows (future) students and recent graduates to undertake an internship or semester assignment in another language region of Switzerland.

Whether gaining professional experience in a Swiss host class with a different mother tongue or attending courses and modules in a foreign language for one or two semesters at a higher education institution, such an experience brings added value at various levels for everyone involved:

  • Personal and professional development to strengthen methodological, didactic, linguistic and intercultural knowledge
  • Experience of “Internationalisation@home”: intercultural enrichment by engaging with the culture and mentality of another language region without being mobile
  • Shaping a high-quality learning environment for all those involved through direct contact with native speakers and by bringing diversity into the classroom
  • Strengthening synergies and national cooperation within the Swiss education system, as well as developing and enhancing a sustainable national professional network between prospective and experienced teachers 

Who can take part in the programme?

The programme is aimed at the teacher training institutions that are recognised by the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (EDK), in other words their students with German, French or Italian in their subject profile (at primary or lower secondary level).

The foreign language internship is also open is also open to future students (Stage pré-études) on the one hand, as well as to young graduates. up to a maximum of 12 months after graduation.

How long does a mobility project last?

A distinction is made between short (2–4 weeks) and long (5 weeks – 12 months) stage pré-études and internships. The study visits must cover a full semester and may include an internship of flexible duration.

How are mobility projects organised?

A mobility project is organised by the teacher training institution. In the role of its students’ home institution, it arranges the internship and study places in cooperation with a partner institution. Furthermore, it is responsible for the widest possible recognition of achievements.

Who can submit projects and funding applications?

Applications for project funding may only be submitted by teacher training institutions, not by individual students. For detailed information on submitting an application see “Submit an application”.

What support does Movetia offer?

Movetia offers student teachers and recent graduates financial support to help cover the costs associated with mobility. At the same time, teacher training institutions are given support for the organisation and administration of the mobility projects of their students.

Whom should interested persons contact?

Students and recent graduates should contact the International Relations Office or the office responsible for language internships and study visits at their home institution for general information and details of deadlines, requirements, and documents. Institutions that are interested in taking part in the programme can address their enquiries to Movetia directly.

Find out what two former interns, their home institution and a host school have to say about their participation in the national teacher exchange here:

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