Students and graduates from universities, universities of applied arts and sciences and teacher training colleges or as yet inexperienced teachers from abroad can work as language assistants at a secondary school, specialist vocational school or Federal Vocational Baccalaureate school in Switzerland. They must speak either English, German, French, Italian or Spanish as their mother tongue, have grown up abroad and have either a British citizenship or of an EU/EFTA-country. From the 2022/2023 school year, US citizens can also participate through the Fulbright programme.
The programme is also open to Swiss nationals living abroad (male and female) in countries in which the official national language is English, German, French, Spanish or Italian.

What to do

Interested persons can apply for two Swiss language regions:

  • German language region: teaching in English, French, Spanish or Italian
  • French language region: teaching in English, German, Spanish or Italian

The organisation running the programme in the country of origin is, first of all, responsible for the application. If there is no partner organisation in the relevant country, interested persons can apply directly to Movetia online. Before applying online, they should check carefully that they meet the conditions of participation (see details in the right-hand column). 

Placement fees

The placement service provided by Movetia is free of charge for participants.


Language assistants receive a remuneration. The recommended minimum salary is around CHF 3,200 gross a month. The participants finance the costs of board and lodging, insurance policies, travel, etc. themselves.

Closing date applications for the school year 2024/25

French/German/English: 28.02.2024
Italian: passed
Spanish: check the information on the website of the partner organization
Swiss abroad: 31 March 2024 or by agreement


Edith Funicello
Project Manager Language assistantships in Switzerland and host schools
Phone +41 31 303 22 25