Youth in Action promotes European exchange and cross-boarder cooperation in the youth field. Youth exchanges with groups of young people from different countries, continuing training meetings all over Europe or transnational cooperation projects for the purpose of quality development Youth in Action promotes international exchange and cross-border cooperation in the youth field.

Developing skills and networks of young people

Youth in Action enables young people to have experiences that leave a lasting impression. The Youth in Action programmes are intended to promote personal development, a sense of responsibility, intercultural understanding, societal integration and active participation amongst young people. The programme also helps to improve quality in youth work and strengthens cross-border networks and the international dimension of youth work. In addition, Youth in Action makes a contribution to the recognition of non-formal education and supports youth policy developments.

In the video, project promoters explain what a difference Youth in Action makes. 

What support does Movetia provide?

Movetia supports Youth in Action projects financially. In addition, Movetia offers advice to organisations and individuals wishing to submit a project application, either as part of seminars organised by Movetia or in the form of individual meetings. If needed, the Youth in Action team can also provide advice on the project application.

Setting up cross-border partnerships is simplified by funding preparatory visits. Movetia also enables people from the field of youth to take part in various continuing training and networking courses all over Europe. The broad range of activities offered includes activities to set up new collaborative initiatives and practical courses that explain, for example, how to plan a youth exchange from start to finish.

Youth in Action is part of the European Programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport Erasmus+. Switzerland is no longer participating in it since 2014. However, the Confederation funds projects within the framework of the Swiss Programme for Erasmus+.

What project formats are there?

With Youth in Action, Movetia supports different project formats (Quick guide to Youth in Action).  You can find all the information on the different formats (grants, criteria, etc.) on the following pages:

Regarding the format “Transnational youth initiatives” the same conditions apply as for Cooperation partnerships for the exchange of good practices.

Who can submit projects?

Projects can be submitted by clubs, associations, NGOs or public bodies that operate in the field of extra-curricular youth work.

What do I have to do?

Funding applications for mobility and cooperation projects can be submitted at various times throughout the year using official forms. For more information on this process, please visit this page.

Regardless of how advanced a project idea is, the Youth in Action team recommends an advice session. In this way, applicants are given important information for a successful project submission. 

Contact for interested young people?

Young people who are interested in taking part in an exchange project can contact Eurodesk for advice. 

Application deadlines 2024

International Mobility projects (3rd deadline):
8th October 2024, project start 1th December 2024

Cooperation partnerships
2nd deadline
EU submission deadline: 1st October 2024
Movetia submission deadline: 15th October 2024



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