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Looking to start a project but still no ideas? From people reporting on their experiences in higher education, to articles from vocational training partners, to examples of good practice in schools – there’s something for everyone. Enjoy a good browse and let the articles inspire you.

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From creative mandala to statistical questionnaire

The evaluation and recognition of learning outcomes are central elements of a youth exchange. The mobility projects of the Jura association Les Coccinelles are exemplary in these aspects. Their…

Enthusiasmus geschenkt, Selbstsicherheit gewonnen

Fanny Fellay –erzählt in ihrem Erfahrungsbericht als Sprachassistentin in Osnua, Spanien, was sie während ihrer Assistenzzeit inspiriert hat, weshalb ihr Enthusiasmus plötzlich unterbrochen wurde und…

Studying abroad during the coronavirus crisis – an experience shared by two students, Helena & Renato

Helena, a Spanish student in economics, came to Switzerland to spend a semester studying in Bern. Renato, on the other hand, is a Swiss student in international relations who is currently in Utrecht…

International collaboration in higher education - A strengthening of quality for occupational therapy training

As part of a strategic partnership between six higher education institutions, the Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften ZHAW is taking part in an innovative project for future occupational…

Developing greener mobility

How can the number of international mobility opportunities be increased while reducing the resulting environmental footprint? By creating the handy “Greener Mobility best practices: Let’s get…

Virtual Collaboration Challenge – Acquiring important skills through virtual exchange

Virtual formats are without question an interesting way to think about exchange. Because they too make intercultural dialogue possible and foster a good number of skills that are relevant to the…