Good practice and know-how

Looking to start a project but still no ideas? From people reporting on their experiences in higher education, to articles from vocational training partners, to examples of good practice in schools – there’s something for everyone. Enjoy a good browse and let the articles inspire you.

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Youth Voice went to Richterswil!

In Richterswil, Switzerland, 22 young people connected and talked about media related topics through discussions, group works, intercultural moments and love for these types of projects.

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Pupil exchange with a musical touch

Pupils from Liestal and Berlin visited each other and got to know the everyday life and lifeworld of their colleagues at first hand while singing and making music together. The exchange resulted in…

Becoming an entrepreneur thanks to an exchange

Yasmine, Félicien and Sarah took a chance and worked abroad during or after their apprenticeship or met professional colleagues on another continent. All three benefited: they became more independent,…

Experiences from the cooperation partnership on entrepreneurship

The Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana (SUPSI) collaborated with European partners in the Tyco(o)nstructor project to promote entrepreneurship in the construction sector with a…

International Education Cooperation with Cameroon and Côte d'Ivoire

The Fondation rurale interjurassienne carries out an international educational cooperation with Cameroon and the Ivory Coast. Students as well as vocational trainers from all countries learn and…

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Experiences from the move@ne pool project

Work abroad during or after your apprenticeship? Félicien and Yasmine took the plunge thanks to move@ne, the platform of the Canton of Neuchâtel to promote and organise exchanges and mobility in the…