Vocational education and training organisations receive funding and other support for their exchange project through the National Exchange in Vocational Education and Training (NABB) programme.

Gather work experience beyond Switzerland's German, French and Italian linguistic divide, while developing yourself personally and linguistically? This is now also possible in vocational education and training. The NABB funding programme co-finances exchange projects within Switzerland. Vocational education and training organisations receive lump sums for exchanges conducted.

Who can take part?

NABB is intended for VET-learners and recent graduates of vocational education and training in Switzerland. VET-graduates can take part within 12 months of receiving their apprenticeship qualification.

What activities are supported?

Movetia finances projects that implement exchanges. An exchange involves at least one work experience in another Swiss language region. Exchange participants have the option of attending a language course, which Movetia co-finances.

An exchange lasts between 5 days and 6 months. In addition, an activity is possible as follows:

  • As individuals or in groups
  • As two-way or one-way exchanges

Who can apply for funding?

Swiss organisations that receive or send participants may apply to Movetia for financial support. These are vocational schools, (training) companies, professional associations, cantonal vocational education and training offices and other related organisations (public or private). Individuals are not authorised to apply for funding.

What does an exchange project encompass?

An exchange project involves one or more exchanges. The form of these exchanges can vary, e.g. the duration or the location. The entire project lasts a maximum of 12 months and starts on a date of your choice.

Examples: Funding for exchanges

Movetia finances exchanges with lump-sum contributions. The duration of the exchange and the participation in a language course influence the total contribution per exchange. Here are three examples of exchanges with a language course:

  • 3 weeks CHF 1,360
  • 3 months: CHF 4,060
  • 6 months: CHF 7,570

How to submit a project?

  1. Find a partner organisation in another language region through your network or Movetia's networking events.
  2. Plan the exchange for your participants.
  3. You meet the criteria for funding? Great!
  4. Submit the project via our online form.

What support does Movetia offer?

  • Movetia supports national exchanges in vocational education and training with lump-sum contributions (see funding);
  • Movetia advises and assists you in the organisation of your project. The Vocational Education and Training Team will be happy to assist you:
  • Movetia offers regular events for the exchange of experience and knowledge as well as for networking.
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