VET organisations can apply for funding from Movetia for national exchanges in initial VET. An exchange project includes one or more exchange activity(ies), which take place simultaneously or at different times. Applications for funding can be submitted at any time. Funding is allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Movetia is always available for questions and advice.

Which projects receive funding?

For a project to receive financial contributions under the NABB programme, the following criteria must be met:

Formal criteria: 

  • The main purpose of the exchange is to gain work experience in another Swiss language region. 
  • Exchange participants are apprentices or apprenticeship graduates of an initial VET programme and students os upper secondary specialised schools from Switzerland. Apprenticeship graduates start the exchange within 12 months of completing their training.
  • An exchange lasts between 5 days and 6 months.
  • The exchange participant lives at the place of the exchange.
  • Swiss organisations that receive or send participants submit an application via the online form to Movetia.
  • The application is submitted to Movetia at least 30 days before the start of the project.

Content criteria:

  • The project contributes to at least one of the NABB programme objectives.
  • The institutional objectives of the project and the measures to achieve them are clearly described.

Details and further criteria can be found in the application guide (in German).  

Procedure: Submit application for funding

  • Find a partner in another language region: Use your network or Movetia's networking events to find a partner organisation in another Swiss language region to host or send the exchange participants. 
  • Plan the exchange for your participants: Define which target group is to participate in the exchange, when, where and under what conditions. Also, concretise the goals you want to achieve with the exchange project and derive relevant measures from them. 
    Let this guide to planning exchanges in Europe inspire you in designing and planning your exchange project. 
  • Consider eligibility criteria: Check whether the planned exchanges meet the criteria for funding and contribute to the NABB programme objectives (cf. Application Guide). 
  • Submit an application: Submit an application for funding via this online form - which is possible at any time. Movetia will review the application within 30 days in accordance with the eligibility criteria. 
  • Receive funding: If your application is approved, you will receive a funding contract and 80% of the agreed funding. After completion of the exchange project, you submit the final report and receive a final payment or, if applicable, a request for repayment. 

Amount of the financial contributions

Movetia co-finances exchanges with flat-rate contributions. The duration and the attendance of a language course influence the total contribution per exchange. Here are the amounts of the contributions:

Contribution type Contribution (CHF)
Travel 100.- / participant
Stay 170.- / participant / week
German or French language course 100.- / participant / week
Italian or Romansh language course 125.- / participant / week
Organisation 450.- / participant
Special needs 100% of the effective costs

Examples: An exchange with a French language course would receive the following total contributions, depending on the duration:

  • 3 weeks: CHF 1360
  • 3 months: CHF 4060
  • 6 months: CHF 7570

Contributions for language courses: If the participant attends a language course at the host location during the exchange, Movetia pays the weekly flat rate for the language course for the entire duration of the exchange. 
If the participant attends a language course at home before the exchange, Movetia pays a daily flat rate of 20.- or 25.- for the effective duration of the language course. 8 lessons count as 1 day. For 4 lessons or more, the daily flat rate is paid. Further information can be found in the application guide