In a Youth Exchange, young people learn how others in their age group live in other countries. With the various youth groups carrying out a joint project, fresh perspectives open up for the young people and they develop a sense of responsibility and self-confidence.

What is a youth exchange?

At a youth exchange, youth groups from two or more countries meet for a few days or weeks in order to carry out activities together. Many different topics and activities are possible at a youth exchange. Examples for topics are sustainability, peace education, health or personal development. Creative projects involving art, dance, video or theatre are just as suitable as sport or outdoor activities.

In the process, the young people always play an active role in planning, organising and implementing the project. The use of non-formal methods of learning are central to youth exchange projects. That is to say, the young people are included in the learning process on a voluntary basis and reflect their learnings.

The animated film explains how a youth exchange works. (Correction to the video: youth exchanges are now possible worldwide)

What are the formal criteria for a youth exchange?

  • Participants: Young people aged between 13 and 30 residing in the country of one of the participating organisations. At least 16 and maximum 60 young people must take part in a youth exchange (not counting group leaders). At least 4 young people per participating group from one country must be there (not counting group leaders). Each national group must be accompanied by at least one adult group leader. Exceptions are possible in well-founded cases. Please contact us in this regard before submitting your project.
  • Duration: Each activity must last at least 5 days, maximum 21 days (not including travel days). Total project duration including preparation and follow-up evaluation: from 3 to 24 months.
  • Location: The youth exchange must take place in Switzerland (Incoming project) or in the country of one of the participating organisations (Outgoing project). In Switzerland, projects can be multilateral, abroad only bilateral.
  • Advanced planning visit: An optional planning visit can take place before the youth exchange. It should last no more than two days (not including travel days). One person per group may take part or two people if one of them is a young person involved in the project.

You will find the qualitative funding criteria on the page submit an application.

How are youth exchanges funded by Movetia?

  • Travel allowance: from 400 to 1000CHF per person for international trips depending on the destination, 50 CHF per person for domestic travel.       
  • Organisation allowance: 125CHF per person 
  • Subsistence allowance: from 41 to 59CHF per day and per person depending on the destination.
  • Special needs: Effective eligible costs, max 12'000CHF. 

These flat rates are valid for projects approved from 2023 onwards. For the detailed list and explanation of the contributions, please see the Overview of Grants. Funding for projects approved before 2023 are listed here.