The national teacher exchange supports institutions of teacher education in their cooperation across language borders and promotes corresponding national partnership projects to strengthen mobility.

What are the aims of partnership projects?

A functioning partnership is the basis for the successful implementation of mobility projects. The aim of project support is accordingly to strengthen institutional cooperation and thus increase mobility in teacher education. Universities of teacher education enter into partnerships with other institutions and/or schools from another linguistic region. Together, concepts, methods and instruments to promote mobility are developed, smaller mobility projects implemented, and best practices exchanged. By creating new synergies, the quality of teacher education will be further developed and the training of future teachers strengthened as a whole.

Who can take part in the programme?

The programme is aimed at teacher training institutions whose diplomas are officially recognised by the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (EDK). These institutions may cooperate with one or more other universities of teacher education, schools or other teacher training institutions in another language region (or several regions). It does not matter which groups of people (students, lecturers, etc.) from the institutions are integrated into the projects and how.

How long does a partnership project last?

Projects run for a maximum of 24 months. There is no minimum duration.

The starting date for a partnership project must lie between 1 June and 31 December of the relevant year of application.

How are partnership projects supported financially?

Movetia supports partnership projects with start-up financing for the entire project duration. The project partners decide how the financial funding should be best shared out and used. The maximum grant per project is CHF 10,000.

With this programme, Movetia contributes to the creation of a national network for teacher education which can be used to strengthen mobility in a sustainable way.

Who can submit projects and funding applications?

Project applications for funding can only be submitted by teacher training institutions recognised by the EDK. A project manager is determined within the project and then submits the application to Movetia. All partners involved are listed in the application.

Additional information and details of the funding criteria can be found in the Partnership Project Programme Guide as well as on the pages “Submit an application” and “Implement a project”.

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