Organisations active in the fields of formal and non-formal education in Switzerland use international cooperation projects to support networking and the exchange of experience, to develop educational opportunities and to strengthen the recognition and attractiveness of the Swiss educational system beyond its borders. 

What are the objectives of the funded cooperation projects?

The aim of the International Programme is to support projects that contribute to the development and improvement of the Swiss education system through cooperation between one or more Swiss institutions and one or more European or non-European institutions. The cooperation projects aim for instance to:

  • establish and consolidate inter-institutional networks;
  • propose new processes or ways of working within the participating institutions through the exchange of experience and best practice;
  • develop training materials, new teaching approaches or new opportunities to be tested and, ideally, implemented;
  • produce guides or charters for the fields and actors represented by the institutions participating in the project.

This list is not exhaustive, as all projects are designed according to the needs of the participating Swiss institutions.

Projects within the framework of Erasmus+ 2024 cooperation are funded as before by the Swiss Programme for Erasmus+ .

How long do cooperation projects last?

Projects funded under the programme can last a maximum of 24 months.

Who can apply for a grant?

All educational institutions (from compulsory school to upper secondary level), vocational education and training, tertiary education, youth activities and adult education based in Switzerland.

How does the international programme contribute to funding projects?

The programme provides the following fixed grant amounts:

  1. CHF 15,000 
  2. CHF 30,000 
  3. CHF 60,000 
  4. CHF 100,000 (does not apply to applications for higher education and higher vocational education and training)
  5. CHF 150,000 (does not apply to applications for higher education and higher vocational education and training)

These contributions can cover a maximum of 60% of the total project costs. The institutions taking part must therefore provide at least 40% of the total project funding from their own resources or from other sources. The project cannot already be funded by grants from the Erasmus+ programme or the Swiss Programme for Erasmus+ for cooperations.

Preparatory visits

Staff of Swiss organisations planning to participate in a project can apply for financial support to visit future partner organisations before the project is submitted, in order to establish contacts and prepare projects with partners. Participation in a European contact seminar or an international conference to build a network for a joint mobility or cooperation project can also be funded. You can find more information here.

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