What should you bear in mind after the project launch?

All the important conditions for project implementation are set out in the grant agreement that Movetia concludes with the beneficiary (Swiss institution). 

What happens if something changes during the project?

Beneficiaries should inform Movetia if there are changes. Certain changes entail a contract amendment, which must be applied for by submitting a form to Movetia. Contract amendments are possible, provided the funding criteria are still complied with. 

How is reporting carried out?

For all projects, a final report is due 60 days after project completion. For certain projects, an interim report must also be submitted. This is stipulated in the grant agreement. All reports must be completed online.  Project visits are also possible.

Points to consider when disseminating project results

The results and products of the projects funded by us are to be shared as widely as possible and made available to other key players in the education system. Publications and reports connected with the project are required to mention that they received funding from Movetia. Movetia requests this so as to ensure the visibility of exchange and mobility as well as the funding programmes. Movetia is pleased to share your information with others (via website, social media). Send us your ideas and contributions to the address international@movetia.ch. 

The Movetia logo, text modules and our social media information can be found on the “Reporting on projects” page.