Movetia promotes projects and activities in the field of national and international exchange and mobility in education and training, both in school and in extracurricular settings. We network organizations and institutions in the field of exchange and mobility and bring together project providers and interested participants in projects and activities.

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Why is exchange and mobility important?

Exchange and mobility fulfil important educational policy goals: Young people gain their first intercultural experience and thus strengthen their soft skills and language competences. Educational institutions and training companies improve their quality and their international networking processes through exchange programmes. And Switzerland strengthens national cohesion and the internationalisation of education and the economy.

Who is Movetia?

Movetia is the national agency for the promotion of exchanges and mobility in the education system. Be it within Switzerland, with other European countries or elsewhere in the world, Movetia encourages and supports exchange, mobility and cooperation activities in the different sectors of education, ranging from primary school through adult education to university level, as well as promoting extracurricular activities.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for information and background on exchange and mobility or on the national agency Movetia. We can also connect you with interview partners, project promoters and mobility participants of a specific educational level and from your region.

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The strategy should contribute to making exchange and mobility a standard part of educational and working biographies as well as of extracurricular activities. The aim is to qualitatively and quantitatively strengthen exchange and mobility.

Annual report and Movetia statistics

A growing demand for mobility projects and restrictions due to the Coronavirus outbreak have impacted the year 2021 for Movetia. Could exchanges still take place at all? Have exchanges changed? Check out the first results in our 2021 Annual Report and 2021 Statistics.

Review of the current Swiss Erasmus+ programme

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You can find more studies, publications and figures in the Knowledge section.

Annual report 2021

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