29 November 2022

Movetia launches its support programme for 2023 on Tuesday, 29 November. Educational organisations and institutions may now submit their international mobility and cooperation projects. New: the entire programme has now been extended worldwide. As in 2022, Movetia will be supporting the participation of Swiss universities in the “European Universities” programme.

Until now, mobility and cooperation projects under the Swiss Erasmus+ programme have been implemented in Europe. However, thanks to a change in legislation, mobility and cooperation supported by Movetia will be possible worldwide as of 2023. This geographical expansion will benefit all sectors of education, ranging from compulsory schooling to university studies, from vocational training to adult education and youth activities. In addition to the "European Universities" programme for institutions of higher education, Movetia will also be supporting the participation of Swiss vocational training institutions participating in the EU’s Centres of Excellence (CoVE) initiative.

Grants for all fields of education

The 2023 call for projects will be launched this Tuesday, 29 November. Educational institutions and organisations may therefore apply to Movetia for grants from now until next March. Projects will be evaluated, and providing they meet the criteria, will be eligible for financial support for their implementation.

On the one hand, these grants can be awarded for a wide range of mobility activities, such as internships for teachers, students, trainees and young graduates, but also for further education courses, observation periods, study visits, voluntary service or youth meetings. On the other, Movetia’s support programmes are dedicated to cooperation projects, which are developed in collaboration between at least one Swiss educational institution and another foreign partner institution.

Projects benefiting the Swiss education system

All mobility and cooperation projects provide added value for the actors within the Swiss education system as well as for the system itself. Cooperation projects promote the establishment of international networks, the exchange of knowledge and experience, and the development of innovative approaches to education. Together, the institutions taking part create innovative teaching concepts, methods and instruments, while sharing good practice and exploiting synergies. Mobility projects enable the actors benefiting from them to develop their personal and professional skills. The Swiss educational landscape thus also benefits from these various mobility and cooperation projects, since its education system is strengthened and the quality of its education improved.

The 2023 call for projects has a budget of approximately CHF 44 million for international mobility and cooperation. In view of the steady growth in applications and new programme offers, it is expected that this amount will not be able to support all the projects submitted.