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Cooperations strengthen the international networking of Swiss educational institutions and ensure the quality of our education system. Projects can now be submitted again: Movetia launches the 2023 funding programmes for cooperations with international partner institutions and organisations from the European and global education area.

For the 2023 call for projects, all cooperation funding instruments have now been adapted to the new legal basis. With the new law and ordinance coming into force in 2022, Movetia has new opportunities to make the application process even more user-friendly. To this end, Movetia has made some adjustments for the 2023 call for projects.

Swiss Programme for Erasmus+

In 2023, Swiss educational institutions will continue to have two options for obtaining funding to participate in an Erasmus+ project "Cooperation Partnership" or "Innovation Alliance". If you choose the participation mode "Full Partner", the funding will be requested via the EU funding application to Erasmus+. As an associated partner (without EU funding), you have the option of applying for funding directly to Movetia via the Swiss programme for Erasmus+. 

For funding through the Swiss programme for Erasmus+, Movetia will now cover up to 60% of the total project costs, based on actual costs. However, in the case of cooperation partnerships, contributions of any size cannot be requested from Movetia: In addition to the fact that the requested contribution must still be proportionate to the EU project, there are predefined target values. Further information on this can be found on the Cooperation Partnerships website.  

In 2023, it will also be possible to apply to Movetia for associate participation status within one month in the event of a negative funding decision for full participation status.

Movetia will continue to fund Swiss participation in Erasmus+ "European Universities" in 2023. In the 2022 call for proposals, the universities of Basel, Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich were each involved in a successful Erasmus+ application, have begun project implementation and will receive parallel funding for four years.

International Programme

Since Swiss institutions cannot have the over-all lead in an Erasmus+ cooperation project and those projects are mainly implemented with European partner institutions, Movetia supports projects led by Swiss institutions and implemented without restrictions with partner institutions worldwide through the International Programme. The International Programme enables projects with at least one Swiss and one foreign institution, provides funding for up to two years and awards grants of between CHF 15,000 and CHF 150,000. It is thus intended to be a low-threshold offer for all types of institution, including institutions with little experience in international educational cooperation or institutions that are just establishing their international network. 

International cooperation via cooperation projects 

International cooperation projects enable institutions in school education, vocational training, tertiary education, adult education and extracurricular youth work to cooperate with partner institutions from Europe and around the world. In international networks, knowledge and experience are exchanged and innovative approaches to education are developed. The Swiss educational landscape also benefits from this. Together, the participating institutions develop innovative concepts, methods and instruments and exchange best practices and use synergies. This contributes to the quality development of the offers and to the strengthening of international networks. 

Support and advice

We are at your disposal for individual consultations. You can contact us via E-mail. All information on the Swiss Erasmus+ Programme, the International Programme and inspiring project examples can be found on our website.

Preparatory visits before submitting your application, we will support you with lump sums of up to CHF 1200/person. The contributions must be applied for at least 1 month before the visit and make it possible to visit future international project partners, establish contacts and prepare projects.

Are you interested in international mobility projects?

In addition to the call for international cooperation, there are also calls for international mobility (for all educational sectors).

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