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For the 2023 call, Movetia supports mobility in Europe and beyond. As of now and until March 2023, worldwide mobility projects can be submitted within the framework of the Swiss Programme for Erasmus+.

Thanks to the Federal Act on International Cooperation and Mobility in Education (BIZSMB),  it is now possible to promote worldwide mobility. Since 1 April 2022, more flexible and dynamic rules for international mobility projects apply. Therefore, Movetia will from now on be able to support individual mobilities that take place beyond Europe. All education sectors will benefit from this expansion - from school education to vocational education and training, adult education and youth work to higher education.

The Swiss education system also benefits from the expansion

Mobility projects promote the development of personal and professional skills such as independence, self-confidence, creativity, flexibility and communication – qualities that the labour market seeks more and more. International mobility projects are not only open to young people. Teachers, school administrators and employees of educational institutions can also participate. At the institutional level, mobility projects have a positive impact on the Swiss education system by strengthening internationalisation.

A wide range of activities for a broad target audience is eligible:

  • Teaching staff up to secondary level II and adult educators: Structured further training, teaching observation, teaching activity, invited experts
  • Lecturers at tertiary level: teaching activity
  • higher education institution staff: training and job shadowing
  • Students: Study visit or internship during the studies
  • Higher education graduates: Internship 
  • Pupils: Group exchanges and individual learning visits
  • Learners: Thematic project work (group mobility) and company placements, with or without language preparation
  • Apprenticeship graduates: Work placements, with or without language preparation
  • Youth workers: Trainings, contact seminars, thematic seminars, study visits, job shadowing and observations
  • Youth: Voluntary service, youth exchange, events in the context  of ”Youth and Politics”.

Programme countries, grants and funding 2023

Due to the geographical opening, countries from the entire globe are eligible programme countries (school education, vocational education and training, adult education and Youth in Action) / eligilbe programme countries (Higher education). 
As until now, funding is awarded in lump-sums (stay, travel, organisation, etc.) for specific activities. 
The flat rates for subsistance are based on the costs of living in the destination country and take into account the duration of the stay. Due to the amended country listing, new subsistance flat rates are applicable for some European countries.

 Updated grant tables per educational level:

With regard to the lump-sums for travel, the programme countries are grouped into four geographical regions as of the 1st submission deadline in 2023. The sums correspond with  the distance to the destination country.

Regions (by distance) Outgoing and incoming
Europe CHF 400 per person
North Africa, 
West Asia, 
Russian Federation
CHF 500 per person
Northern Asia and Central Asia, 
Indian Subcontinent, 
Sub-Saharan Africa, 
North, Central and Latin America
CHF 800 per person
East Asia, 
Antarctica and Oceania
CHF 1'000 per person

Movetia also supports inclusive projects by means of additional funding for people with special needs.  

There are several deadlines for submitting a project application each year (see right column).  

Support and advice

We are at your disposal for individual consultations. You can contact us via e-mail. All information on the Swiss Programme for Erasmus+ and inspiring project examples can be found on our website.

On 1 February 2023, Team Movetia will glaldly answer your questions about mobility projects at the project lounge. Reserve an appointment for an on-site or virtual consultation.

We support preparatory visits prior to application submission with lump sums up to CHF 1 200/person. The grants must be applied for at least one month prior to the visit and enable you to visit future international project partners, establish contacts and prepare projects.

Are you interested in international cooperation?

In addition to the call for international mobility, there are also calls for international cooperation (for all educational sectors).