Movetia creates a wide-ranging offer for teacher training. With various types of projects, the institutions, their (future) students and newly qualified teachers are supported in carrying out mobility activities or initiating partnership projects within Switzerland.

Which projects are supported financially?

Mobility projects:

  • Stage pré-études: Future students complete an internship in a foreign-language class of a compulsory school in another part of Switzerland or in a different-language part of the canton before the start of their studies. They support the teacher according to the agreement or the framework conditions laid down in the mobility agreement.
  • Internships: students and teacher training graduates complete a short or long internship in a foreign-language host class (primary or lower secondary level) in another part of Switzerland. They gain professional experience by teaching their own native language and actively shaping the lessons. At the same time, they also improve their language skills. 
  • Semester mobility: students attend courses and modules at a Swiss higher education institution in another language region for one or two semesters and have their achievements credited at their home institution. A semester mobility may include an internship.

Partnership projects:

  • Universities of teacher education cooperate with each other and/or with schools and receive start-up funding for the planning and implementation of smaller partnership projects. The aim is to strengthen institutional cooperation and thus increase mobility.
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