What needs to be considered once the project starts?

The grant agreement between the beneficiary and Movetia lays down all the important conditions for implementing a project.

The programme guide for mobility or partnership projects is also an integral part of the grant agreement. It provides detailed information on organising and carrying out the individual mobility projects or project steps.

Movetia is available at any time during the term of the agreement to answer any questions and provide advice.

Mobility: what steps have to be taken before the start of an internship / a semester assignment?

The contact between the institutions involved and possibly the host schools should be established as soon as possible in order to decide on the timing of the mobility, host teachers, mentoring and supervision of the students, and how the internships should progress.

Before the mobility project begins, all necessary mobility documents must be completed and signed. The home institution and the students jointly regulate the recognition of the services to be rendered.

Applications for any funding for special needs for students with a higher need of support should also be submitted to Movetia before the start of the mobility period.

What happens if something changes in the project?

If there are any changes, the project managers should inform Movetia immediately. Certain changes require an Amendment to the Agreement. Any changes must be logged in the final report.

How is the reporting carried out?

At the end of the project period, mobility projects and partnership projects are documented with a final report. This must be submitted to Movetia 60 days after the end of the project.

Mobility projects must submit an interim report each January/February.

The necessary documents and templates are made available by Movetia in good time. The forms of the relevant call for projects (year of application) must be used for all reports.

What needs to be considered when promoting the programme and disseminating project results?

The results and products of the projects funded by us are to be shared as widely as possible and made available to other key players in the education system. Publications and reports connected with the project are required to mention that they received funding from Movetia. Movetia requests this so as to ensure the visibility of exchange and mobility as well as the funding programmes. Movetia is pleased to share your information with others (via website, social media). Please contact us for more details.

The Movetia logo, text modules and our social media information can be found on the “Reporting on projects” page.