Project planning

Preparatory visits
In order to be able to plan a project with the partner organisation(s) on site, you have the possibility to apply for a grant for preparatory visits before submitting your application.

The packages include grants for travel and accommodation (CHF 800/person for preparatory visits in Europe and CHF 1,200/person outside Europe).

Apply for a grant

  • Make sure that your organisation and your project meet the programme criteria. To do this, please refer to the evaluation criteria in the programme guide.
  • Fill in the online application form within the deadline.
  • If you have any questions or need advice, please contact us at

What documents are required?

The online form requires the following documents to be uploaded:

  • Partnership agreement(s) with all partner institutions
  • Declaration on honour, signed by the legal representative of the coordinating organisation
  • For institutions under private law: extract from the commercial register, balance sheet and income statement and full audit report

What are the deadlines?

  • Communication of evaluation results: End of June 2023
  • Project start-up: between August and December 2023

How are projects evaluated?

Projects submitted by the agreed deadline are evaluated by Movetia according to formal and quality criteria listed in the programme guide.

Quality is examined on the basis of a points system. If the number of projects exceeds the available budget, those with the highest number of points and, if necessary, additional criteria, will be selected.

How does the grant system work?

The participating institutions choose a fixed grant (CHF 15,000 / CHF 30,000 / CHF 60,000 / CHF 100,000 / CHF 150,000) depending on the project budget and the contributions they can provide. The selected Movetia grant covers a maximum of 60% of the total costs.

The Movetia grant can finance the following costs:

  • Staff costs
  • Travel costs
  • Material costs

The programme guide provides a detailed description of the system.