There are a number of points you should bear in mind when implementing projects and reporting. Here you’ll find tips for successful project implementation and important documents for the contractually agreed reporting. If you have any questions or need advice, the Youth in Action team would be happy to help.

The details on this page apply to Youth Exchanges, mobility projects for youth workers and projects in the Youth and Politics sphere. You will find information on Cooperation partnerships here and on the European Voluntyry Service (EVS) here.

What should you do if key data change for a project?

If, following receipt of the agreement, important key data of the project change, the Youth in Action team should be contacted. A change of project partner, project data or of the person with signing authority necessitates an amendment to the agreement. Amendments are possible provided the funding criteria are adhered to. Budget increases, on the other hand, are not possible. 

Amendments to the agreement can be requested with the Amendment of Agreement Form.

What is a project visit?

Movetia is under an obligation to make a particular number of project visits. The purpose of these visits is to check the progress of the project and to facilitate an exchange between the project promoter and the Youth in Action team. 

What do I need to know for the Final Report?

60 days after the end of the project, the Final Report must be submitted online via together with the necessary enclosures. This is examined by Movetia. Subsequently, according to the final account, the second tranche is paid out or a demand is made for the money to be returned. We should be pleased to help you with drawing up the Final Report.

Points to consider when disseminating project results

The results and products of the projects funded by us are to be shared as widely as possible and made available to other key players in the education system – you drafted a dissemination strategy for this along with your application. Publications and reports connected with the project are required to mention that they received funding from Movetia. Movetia requests this so as to ensure the visibility of exchange and mobility as well as the funding programmes. Movetia is pleased to share your information with others (via website, social media).

The Movetia logo, text modules and our social media information can be found on the “Reporting on projects” page.