What do I need to bear in mind once the project has started?

The funding agreement between the project coordinator and Movetia contains the relevant information for the implementation of a project. An integral part of the funding agreement is also the application guide
Movetia is available for questions and advice at any time during the contract period.

What steps are important before starting an exchange?

  • Define goals and responsibilities: Define - the sending and receiving institution - the goals of the project, the necessary steps in the project implementation as well as the responsibilities. The agreement between partner institutions serves as a possible template.  
  • Select participants, prepare and make agreements: Select the exchange participants according to transparent criteria. Agree with them on the framework conditions of the exchange as well as the learning objectives and prepare them in terms of content (possible template: Mobility contract with learning agreement). 
  • Make organisational preparations for the exchange: Make organisational preparations regarding accommodation, travel, insurance etc. (optional template: insurance declaration). 
  • Monitor and keep track: Keep track of participants, finances and receipts. This is done with the MyMobilities administration tool, which has to be completed in every project and is part of the final report. 

What happens if something changes in the project?

If aspects relevant to the contract change, e.g. budget, contract duration, the name of the project coordinator or the contact person in your project, please inform Movetia before the end of the project at berufsbildung@movetia.ch
Would you like to extend the project? You can extend it up to twice for a maximum of 6 months. This means that an extension of a maximum of 12 months to a maximum contract duration of 24 months is possible.

Reporting on the project: What to considered?

The experiences that you and the participants make in the exchange are also interesting for other VET stakeholders. Make them visible and report on them in your network!
Mention Movetia’s funding in publications related to the project. You can find the Movetia logo, text modules and our social media details on the page "Reporting on projects: dissemination".
Movetia is happy to share your contributions (website, social media). To do so, send them to us at: berufsbildung@movetia.ch 

Testimonials: How do others successfully implement their project?

Other VET project coordinators have similar experiences in project implementation as you. Find out more at the annual VET networking events and in these testimonials (see educational level “VET”).