Working in Switzerland as a person of Swiss descent living abroad: In a portrait that is well-worth reading, reports on Ben Tite, who set off in search of his Swiss roots and found so much more.

Along the way, he has acquired his first professional experience in Switzerland, learned the language and got to grips with his country of origin in all its cultural diversity. This is the kind of opportunity that the Movetia language assistant programme offers.

Students and graduates can spend an academic year in Switzerland teaching their native language in secondary level 2 schools. Of Swiss descent and living in Great Britain, Ben Tite jumped at the chance of becoming a language assistant.

Since 2018, this British citizen has lived in Zurich, working at the city’s KV Business School. He teaches English – his mother tongue. Melanie Eichenberger from interviewed the young man. Read the portrait to discover how he got the job, what he does in his leisure time in Switzerland and what his goals are for the future.