Language assistants work at Swiss schools and teach their native language. They chose to jump in head-first, to live and work in Switzerland – a dream destination for many.

What are the challenges at Swiss schools, which are part of a different educational system? What does Switzerland have to offer? Is the salary high enough to finance your day-to-day life in this notoriously expensive country? How do you find a place to live?

While our website offers detailed information about application criteria and the application process, our programme ambassador discusses her personal experiences – the perfect complement!

Hear from our experienced language assistant, be inspired by her story, and ask her all of your burning questions. Our programme ambassador is a reliable contact who can provide you with a realistic idea of what we offer.

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Programme Ambassador Claire Spielmann

Country of origin


School year: 2022/23 and 2023/24
School: Kantonsschule Obwalden and Kantonsschule Zürich Nord
Languages: English and German

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My reasons for applying for the language assistance programme:

I applied for the Language assistant programme because I wanted the opportunity to live abroad after graduating from college. My grandfather is from Switzerland and growing up we belonged to the Swiss Society of Boston. This allowed us to stay connected to our Swiss heritage. When I learned about Movetia’s Language Assistant Program, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for me to explore the world of teaching while also maintaining close relationships with my family members here. Having lived here for a year now, I have been able to join in on so many family events that I miss when living in the US. Knowing that our relationship with family here in Switzerland will continue for generations, is a very special feeling. 

To whom do I recommend the programme?

I recommend this programme to anyone looking to broaden their horizons. By moving to Switzerland and working as a Language Assistant, you experience personal growth and develop your professional career. It is an opportunity to meet new people, and I have truly gained some of the best relationships with other assistants. It is also an opportunity to take charge of your career and develop leadership skills within the setting of a classroom. I think even more importantly, for Swiss living abroad, this programme gives you the opportunity to really feel a part of Switzerland and connect with your roots. Being involved with your school allows you to become part of the local community. I have learned so much about the country through conversations with teachers and students. And more so, this opportunity to live in Switzerland for a year provides you with the time that you do not get when just traveling.  

What benefits do I get from participating in the programme?

Moving to another country can certainly be a daunting endeavor, but it is also such a rewarding one. Having the possibility to really immerse yourself in a new place, and call it your home, is an opportunity that doesn’t happen often… and I recommend that you take advantage of it. Being able to move abroad while involved in this programme is a fantastic way to put yourself out there because you do so with the support of Movetia, your school, and the other language assistants. I have met so many other fantastic teachers and people who have truly made this experience even more meaningful. I get to brainstorm with other assistants, and I’ve developed teaching skills from mentors at my school… you’re never alone in the process. It is really this combination of an amazing location and the people you meet which makes this programme so great. 

What advantages does Switzerland offer me compared to my country of origin?

Living in Switzerland, and adapting to the lifestyle here, offers so many benefits. People really prioritize having a good balance of work and life, and I have learned to develop similar habits for myself. Spending the evening after work sitting by the lake, or hiking on Sundays, are things I would not have done back at home, and I have really enjoyed this change. Additionally, the general accessibility to different towns and other kind of places around the country has been such an upgrade. It is so easy to explore, and I find myself taking day trips and seeing new places in a way that I never considered in the US.