What’s the point of Europass?
Europass aims to facilitate the mobility of workers, students and apprentices. It allows people to present their professional qualifications in a clear and coherent manner. The Europass documents are based on European guidelines.

The Curriculum vitae
allows you to create a clear and standardised CV, therefore enhancing your applications.

The Europass Mobility
allows you to record periods spent learning or studying in Switzerland or in another European country, and therefore illustrates your mobility, flexibility and motivation regarding studying and/or working abroad.
A new research tool is now available. The found Europass are displayed under the query and can be viewed directly.

The Language Passport
allows you to evaluate your language skills. It consists of a grid featuring different competence levels. The Certificate Supplement makes the content of training courses easily understood throughout Europe.

The certificate supplement
complements leaving certificates to ensure greater transparency and comparability.

The Diploma Supplement
only applies to PET qualifications. It features a detailed description of the relevant course and qualification obtained.

The five documents can be used individually or in combination. Europass is free to use.

If you have any questions, please contact us: europass@movetia.ch