Thursday, 14 September 2023

The International Programme entered its second year with the project call in late 2022. By the application deadline at the end of March 2023, 56 project proposals were submitted, out of which 21 were selected for funding. This year, the program had a budget of 2 million Swiss francs, one million less than the previous year.

In its second year, the project call for the international programme was also a great success. Similar to the previous year (57), 56 projects were submitted. The available 2 million were used to finance 21 projects (compared to 30 funded projects in 2022). All sectors are represented in the supported projects, ranging from school education to vocational training, adult education, youth work, and higher education. These collaborations between Swiss and foreign institutions aim to further develop the Swiss education system. The focus lies on supporting networking and exchange of experiences, expanding educational offerings, and strengthening the recognition and attractiveness of the Swiss education landscape beyond national borders.

What was different this year?
For the 2023 project call, Movetia had 2 million Swiss francs available for funding projects under the International Programme, one million less than the previous year. Due to the generally high quality of project proposals, a selective approach was necessary. The maximum amount that could be requested for a project this year was 150,000 CHF, and the maximum duration was limited to 2 years. In the 2022 project call, projects with an unlimited funding amount and a duration of up to 4 years were possible.

As a result of these structural adjustments, 21 cooperation projects can start in 2023.

Which projects?
The selected projects will develop collaborations with numerous, mostly European countries. Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands are the most represented. In Switzerland, the most successful projects were submitted by Universities of Teacher Education (6 projects) and Universities of Applied Sciences (4 projects). Eight projects involve multiple Swiss institutions. Similar to the previous year, several projects address the transversal priorities of Swiss policies for education, research, and innovation, such as equal opportunities, digitalization, and sustainability.

The projects will start shortly and are designed to last from 1 to 2 years. The next call for proposals is planned for 2024, with a deadline in the spring.

Here is a list of all projects supported under the international program in 2023.

Looking back: Statistics for 2022

The 2022 statistics are now available online! On the website, you will also find information about cooperation projects: