Montag, 5. Juni 2023

On Friday, 2 June, the Federal Council opened the consultation on the Dispatch on the Promotion of Education, Research and Innovation (ERI Dispatch) for the years 2025-2028. The planned expenditure amounts to CHF 29.7 billion. The procedure runs until 24 September 2023. The funding of Movetia's activities depends on this Dispatch. An increase in funding is crucial for the future of international cooperation and mobility.

With the ERI Dispatch 2025-2028, the Federal Council intends to stick to its goal defined for the years 2021-2024: "Switzerland remains at the forefront of education, research and innovation."

To achieve this, the government plans to spend 29.7 billion between 2025 and 2028. It points to several important challenges for the coming years: the shortage of qualified workforce, continuing education in favour of lifelong learning, and the promotion of research and innovation in order to withstand international pressure.

Whether the defined maximum amounts will actually be available depends on the development of federal finances. How many financial means are allocated and how they are distributed is of central importance to Movetia. This is because the available funds influence whether the goal set by the Confederation and the cantons can be achieved and all young people can have at least one exchange or mobility experience in the course of their education.

Increasing demand for exchange, mobility and cooperation

The demand for exchanges and mobility has risen steadily in recent years. All relevant indicators suggest that demand will continue to grow significantly in the following years. 

The estimates listed for the coming years are based on the confirmed mobility figures of the last application rounds (past performance), on the planned expansion or launch of new offers, as well as the noticeably greater mobility efforts of schools and other education stakeholders (feedback from the field). 

Lack of financial resources
Taking into account the strategy of the Confederation and the cantons as well as the expected demand, the corresponding financial resources should be increased. Since 2022, the demand is exceeding the available funds. The beginning of 2023 confirmed this trend with requests for mobility and cooperation already almost double the funds foreseen. "It would be extremely regrettable to curb the momentum of the actors at a time when a coherent and efficient system is beginning to take root. This applies all the more as Switzerland is lagging far behind other European countries," says Olivier Tschopp, Director of Movetia.
The ERI Dispatch 2025-2028 is the first ERI Dispatch to go through a consultation procedure. It is expected to be adopted by the Federal Council for the attention of the Federal Assembly at the end of February 2024.